The Loft Cafe, Haddington

Oh my. If, like me, you are no stranger to a bit of homebaking then roll your spare tyre on down to The Loft Cafe and Bakery in Haddington. The cafe won an award in 2017 for Cakery Destination at the Scottish Food Awards, and it’s easy to see why. I am no stranger to the cake tin, and there are always at least two cakes or bakes I fancy in this place, and I’d say that the coffee sponge is as good as my dear-departed gran’s (whose sage words of advice for me were: ‘the more ye tramp on a sh1te the bigger it gets’. Think about it…). There’s a large seating area, with a cool mix of upcycled Ikea benches and Ercol Windsor chairs and tables, and there are always newspapers to read. It’s kinda tucked away in Peffers Place, which is behind the Corn Exchange and beside the cooncil offices. Monster carpark beside it but you’ll be pushed to squeeze your charabanc into it as it’s well-used by the afore-mentioned cooncil staff.

Anyhoo, back to the scones.

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