Ebb Carr Cafe, St Abbs

These scones are very expensive. Not because the scones themselves cost a lot of money, but rather that to get to St Abbs harbour you have to pass Number Four gallery on the way down the road, and we can’t go by without looking in to see what’s new. And that, dear reader, almost always results in the purchase of some form of artwork, whether it’s a print, a piece of glass, ceramics – it’s our favourite gallery.

Onto the scones themselves – usually a selection of at least cheese, fruit and plain scones. Well-fired with a satisfying crunchy crust hiding a light, flouncy inside with plenty of fruit (if you’re having a fruit one, obvs) or a nice hint of mustard if you’re having the cheese ones. Made on the premises and take pride of place among the rest of the homemade traybakes and sponges.

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